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The Bisexual Resource Center was founded in 1985 by a group of bi activists after a regional conference. First named the East Coast Bisexual Network, it became a 501(c)3 in 1989 and was renamed in the mid-90s. The BRC is the oldest national bi organization in the U.S. that advocates for bisexual visibility and raises awareness about bisexuality throughout the LGBT and straight communities.

The Bisexual Resource Center envisions a world where love is celebrated, regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression. Because bisexuals today are still misunderstood, marginalized and discriminated against, the BRC is committed to providing support to the bisexual community and raising public awareness about bisexuality and bisexual people.







Party Like It's 1985!


Bi Health Matters All Year Round


Join us for the BRC's annual House Party on Saturday, May 2nd to celebrate our kick-ass Boston bi community and to raise funds to keep it going strong. We are marking our 30th Anniversary AND celebrating having two bi pride marshals in the Boston Pride Parade -- the first time EVER! Sign up for the BRC meetup group to RSVP or email brc at biresource.net.


2015 was the second year of the Bisexual Health Awareness Month and it's been a jam-packed month of social media sharing. Just because March is over doesn't mean our health concerns disappear. You can continue to use the BHAM website all year round for links to important information. Check for updates and info about next year's focus. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this year's success.


Bi Women of Color Monthly Chat


First Out Bisexual Governor in Oregon


Bisexual Women of Color (BiWOC) is a support group that provides emotional support, resources, community, and a safe space to discuss intersectional issues that affect bi, trans, non-binary, and cis women of color who identify as having multi-gender attractions: bisexual, biromantic, pansexual, fluid, non-monosexual, queer, and unlabeled (bi*). Visit the BiWOC Tumblr or email biwocinfo at gmail.com.


In February, Kate Brown became the first out bisexual to become a U.S. governor when she was appointed the Governor of Oregon after her predecessor resigned. The bi community has been following Gov. Brown's career for years, “There are so few bi political leaders out there, so we pay attention to them,” BRC board member Ellyn Ruthstrom commented. The community wishes her well in her new job!


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Thanks to everyone who supported BHAW 2015!

NEW Bi Men's Anthology NOW Available

Recognize Book Launch in Boston!

Honoring Unsung Heroes at Boston CBD

Honoring Unsung Heroes at Boston CBD

The BRC is here for YOU!

Bisexual activists gather at 2014 White House LGBT reception

Bi health research meeting at Fenway Health Institute

March 2014 was the 1st Bisexual Health Awareness Month!

NEW Bi Men's Anthology NOW Available

Bi leaders gather for White House Bi Issues Roundtable

Three generations of bisexual activists after the historic WH meeting

BiNet USA and BRC teamed up to co-organize the WH meeting

BRC Board members with Boston's Bi Pride Day Proclamation!

Michael Monroe receives Unsung Hero Award at Bi Pride Day

Celebrants at Bi Pride Day at the Lir

NEW Bi Men's Anthology NOW Available

Bi equality & bi visibility!

Bi Air was flying high at Boston Pride 2013

Bi Air crew getting prepped for Boston Pride flight

Bi and trans activists at Supreme Court oral arguments

Some members of the first Bi Leadership Roundtable held in Atlanta

Bi Leadership Roundtable members met with Rea Carey, NGLTF's ED

The BRC booth at Pride was packed

Boston Pride brought out old friends

The Bisexual Invasion at Boston Pride

The Bisexual Invasion was a big success!

The Bisexual Invaders were out in style

A few fine bi guys attending the annual Bayard Rustin Breakfast

Heidi Bruins Green and Ellyn Ruthstrom at Out & Equal Workplace Summit

The BRC Boston Pride booth is a must stop for the bi community

A fabulous bi and trans contingent at the White House LGBT Pride reception

Youth led the bi contingent in Boston Pride in 2010

Northampton Pride 2011 had loud and proud bi contingent

The BRC's first float in Boston Pride in 2010!

Tri-color balloons are a must on Celebrate Bisexuality Day!


PO BOX 170796 BOSTON MA 02117 • 617 424 9595 • BRC@BIRESOURCE.NET